Frequently Asked Questions

These are just some questions that patients may ask. You are always welcome to ring Dr Cochrane’s Rooms on Ph.: 07 5531 3600. The Practice staff will be happy to help you.


Does Dr Cochrane see medicolegal or WorkCover patients?

Dr Cochrane is happy to consult with any patient referred to him and give advice and treatment but will not complete WorkCover reports or medico legal reports. All patients are responsible for the consultation fee personally and can then claim this back from the authority covering them.

Will Dr Cochrane write a Medical Certificate?

If you ask at your appointment Dr Cochrane is more than happy to complete a Medical Certificate.

Will Dr Cochrane write scripts for medication?

Dr Cochrane will write scripts only at your consultation or the day you leave hospital if medication changes have been made. All medication changes are documented to your GP. Your GP will be required to write subsequent scripts.

Will my health fund pay any of the consultation fee?

When you see a Doctor outside of a hospital the private health funds do not rebate the consultation fee. You will however be entitled to a Medicare Australia rebate.

What should I do if I am finding the pain severe or if my problem deteriorates before my appointment?

Dr Cochrane would recommend that you see your GP and discuss the changes in your condition. You are welcome to ring the rooms to be placed on our waiting list for an earlier appointment. Sometimes there are cancellations and you can be seen sooner. However if it is not possible for you to be seen in the rooms Dr Cochrane suggests you present to Allamanda Private Hospital Emergency Care Centre and let them know you were due to see Dr Cochrane.

Can I bring someone with me to the appointment?

Dr Cochrane is more than happy for you to bring a support person. It is often good to have an extra set of ears and someone you can discuss the appointment with.

What do I do if I am uninsured?

Surgery is very expensive in the Private Health sector. You may be in a position to fund your surgery yourself, covering all costs, but this does add up. The Practice Manager will be happy to help direct you to find all the information you will need.  For pre-existing conditions a private health fund would normally require you to wait one year from commencing cover before you would be eligible for surgery cover.  You may ask your GP to write a referral to the Gold Coast University Hospital if you are uninsured.

Do I need a referral to see Dr Cochrane?

Yes you do. Your GP or Specialist is the best person to tell the history of your condition and other health factors Dr Cochrane may need to be aware of. You will also get a Medicare Australia rebate when seen.

Will you tell my GP about my consultation?

Dr Cochrane dictates a letter immediately after he has consulted with you and informs your GP of the information shared in the consultation and any diagnoses or plans made.

Do I have to have Surgery?

If as the patient you feel conservative measures have been explored and your condition is intrusive in your life then surgery may be recommended. Your options will be thoroughly explored by Dr Cochrane.


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