When to Visit a Neurosurgeon for a Consultation in Brisbane

Many people think of neurosurgeons exclusively as surgeons who perform complex brain and spinal procedures. While a qualified neurosurgeon can perform these types of surgeries, though, they can also do much more. Indeed, an experienced neurosurgeon in Brisbane will be just as adept at providing non-surgical treatment options as he or she is in the operating room.

Everything Is Connected: How Spinal Care Is Key to Solving Many Medical Conditions

The misconception of neurosurgeons as people who only perform the most complex surgeries keeps many patients from seeking a neurosurgeon’s medical opinion when doing so might be advisable. Indeed, an experienced Brisbane neurosurgeon will be equipped to provide medical advice and treatment for any conditions related to the spine, the brain, or the nervous system.

The list of conditions or medical complaints linked to these three systems is, as you might expect, quite extensive. The spine and nervous system, especially, can be the cause for issues with chronic pain, mobility, reduced bodily function and more. For instance, if you are suffering from chronic or extreme lower back pain, the issue could be a herniated disc or a degenerative disc disease. If you are losing sensation or function in your hands or arms, then a pinched nerve could be the problem.

Neurosurgeons can treat these conditions using both surgical and non-surgical means. A neurosurgeon might also be able to help resolve sciatica and carpal tunnel syndrome, treat epilepsy and more. In short, there are many reasons to seek the medical advice of a neurosurgeon in Brisbane.

Schedule an Appointment with Dr. Neil Cochrane as Your Brisbane Neurosurgery

If you want to know if neurosurgery in Brisbane could help resolve your medical condition—be it back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome or reduced mobility—schedule a consultation at Cochrane Neurosurgery & Spine.

Dr. Neil Cochrane established this practice nine years ago, with the goal of giving patients more information about their conditions and the treatments available. He realised that patients were often hesitant to consult a neurosurgeon because they viewed neurosurgery more as a ‘last resort’ treatment rather than as just another step on the road to recovery. To counter this misconception, Dr. Cochrane has always made patient education and awareness a cornerstone of Cochrane Neurosurgery & Spine. Whether you are ready to try surgery to resolve your medical complaint or want to try non-surgical options first, Dr. Cochrane will give you a comprehensive overview of your potential ways forward.

When you schedule a neurosurgery consultation with Dr. Cochrane in Brisbane upon referral, he will start with a full work up and investigation to understand your condition and your medical history. With this information in hand, Dr. Cochrane will be able to collaborate with you to design an appropriate treatment plan. ‘Collaborate’ is the key word in that sentence. Patient involvement is vital when it comes to matters of the spine, brain and nervous system, and Dr. Cochrane will help you analyse all your options and choose the one with which you are most comfortable.

Are you interested in learning whether a Brisbane neurosurgeon can help resolve your medical condition or complaint? Call Cochrane Neurosurgery & Spine on 07 5531 3600 to schedule your consultation today.