Get Considered, Holistic Advice on All Neurosurgery Options, by Choosing Cochrane Neurosurgery & Spine as Your Neurosurgeon in Gold Coast

Managing brain, spine and nerve disorders can be scary, confusing, stressful, and overwhelming. Balancing work, family, and life with a medical condition is difficult in the best of situations, and is one of the reasons why it is so important to find the right medical professional to help guide you through the process.

At Cochrane Neurosurgery & Spine, we take a holistic approach to neurosurgery in Gold Coast—something that we think helps temper some of the stress associated with these types of medical conditions. Led by Dr. Neil Cochrane, a family man himself, our practice always remains firmly focused on the patient’s life and livelihood. We want our patients to feel comfortable and confident in every aspect of their treatment, and by focusing on healthy living and life balance instead of just zeroing in on the brain, spinal or nerve condition itself, we can provide a more sensitive, compassionate service.

The Importance of Education and Awareness

One of our primary goals at Cochrane Neurosurgery & Spine has always been to foster education and awareness among our patients. We know that it can sometimes be difficult for the layman to understand exactly what is going on with any given medical condition, treatment, or diagnosis. The brain, the spine and the nervous system are all so complex, so this issue can be compounded when it comes to neurosurgery.

Dr. Neil Cochrane dedicates himself to being the kind of Gold Coast neurosurgeon whose patients understand the finer details of each treatment option. A patient cannot make an informed decision on his or her medical care without a thorough briefing on what is going on or what options are available. We strive for complete patient involvement with each treatment we provide, which is why patient education is so central to what we do.

Plan a Holistic Approach with Your Neurosurgeon in Gold Coast

Another thing that Dr. Cochrane believes in is treating patients holistically. While Dr. Cochrane is a neurosurgeon in Gold Coast, his methods for treating patients go far beyond just surgery. Indeed, different brain, spine and nerve disorders can often be treated, relieved or helped in some way using non-surgical methods.

At Cochrane Neurosurgery & Spine, we will give you a comprehensive range of treatment options for your condition, including both surgical and non-surgical options. Again, Dr. Cochrane believes that patients can make smarter and more considered decisions about their healthcare simply by having all relevant information in front of them.

Above all, we want patients to be comfortable—not just physically, but also regarding your state of mind. By educating you about your condition and your options for care, we can achieve both goals.

Have you been looking for a friendly, approachable doctor that practices neurosurgery in Gold Coast? If so, look no further than Cochrane Neurosurgery & Spine. To schedule your first consultation with Dr. Cochrane, call us today on 07 5531 3600.