Finding a Qualified Spinal Surgeon in Gold Coast: Where to Go for a Consultation on Spinal Fusion Surgery

When it comes to the chronic spinal pain caused by conditions such as lumbar degenerative disc disease, it can be a struggle to find relief from anywhere. For serious conditions such as this, the best option may be to pursue spinal fusion surgery from a qualified and experienced spinal surgeon.

If you are looking for a spinal surgeon in the Gold Coast who is qualified to perform a spinal fusion surgery, look to Cochrane Neurosurgery & Spine. Our specialist neurosurgery practice has been operating for nearly a decade. Our neurosurgeon, Dr. Neil Cochrane, is experienced in treating conditions of the brain, spine, and nervous system alike. However, Dr. Cochrane focuses primarily on spinal treatments and can consult on and perform spinal fusion surgeries.

What You Need to Know about Spinal Fusion Surgery

If you are thinking about a spinal surgery in Gold Coast and are considering spinal fusion surgery, Dr. Neil Cochrane will be happy to meet with you and consult on your case upon referral. Before you come in for a consultation you might wish to learn a bit more about what spinal fusion surgery is, what it does and what it is beneficial for certain patients.

Essentially, a spinal fusion surgery is a type of spinal surgery that inserts a bone graft into part of the spine to stop excessive motion. When there is too much motion at the site of a specific vertebral joint, it can result in extreme, chronic pain, reduced mobility, and limited spinal function. The surgery is conducted in such a way that the bone graft grows and creates a fusion between the two vertebral segments. This fusion eliminates motion at the spinal joint, thereby (hopefully) eliminating chronic pain for the patient.

Most often, this type of spinal surgery is employed to treat lumbar degenerative disc disease and other lumbar conditions. However, you might also consult your spinal surgeons in Gold Coast about spinal fusion surgery if you are suffering from scoliosis, the residual effects of spinal surgery, a spine rendered weak by tumours or infections, a spinal deformity, or other spinal conditions.

Consult with Dr. Neil Cochrane about Your Gold Coast Spinal Surgery Questions

If you are interested in learning more about spinal fusion surgeries, schedule a consultation at Cochrane Neurosurgery & Spine. Dr. Neil Cochrane has experience in both anterior and posterior spinal fusion surgeries, as well as cervical fusions and full disc replacements. As a qualified spinal surgeon in Gold Coast, Dr. Cochrane can advise you on which procedure is best to treat your particular condition. He can also provide non-surgical treatment options, to assist with chronic pain and problems with spinal function.

Chronic spinal pain can reduce quality of life, reduce your ability to take part in physical activity and more. See what you can do to resolve these issues by scheduling a consultation appointment with Dr. Neil Cochrane today. You can call 07 5531 3600 to arrange a consultation time slot today.