You have decided to have surgery


Dr Cochrane will make a pre operation appointment to discuss the operation, go through the consent process and complete the Healthscope Hospital Admission Guide. He takes this process seriously as it is imperative you understand the operation you are choosing to have and any potential risks. Dr Cochrane will give you a ‘Neurosurgical Society of Australasia’ or ‘Royal Australasian College of Surgeons’ information sheet on the operation you are having. Only once you fully understand the information and have made an informed decision should you proceed to surgery.


Dr Cochrane will provide you with a quote for your consideration.


Your details will then be sent to Allamanda Hospital Pre-admission Clinic. They will make contact with you.


The Pre-admission Clinic

At the Pre-admission Clinic the staff will check important health factors to ensure you are fit for surgery. This Clinic is fully Bulk-Billed.


Before Surgery

There are a number of medications that need to be stopped prior to surgery. In particular any blood thinning tablets or herbal medications. Dr Cochrane will discuss your specific medications with you at your pre operation appointment.


If you have not ceased your blood thinning medications or not brought your scans with you to surgery you would not be able to safely proceed to surgery and your procedure would be postponed.


If you are unwell please contact the rooms to discuss. You may need to postpone until you are in better health as decided by your GP.


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